How to understand PPFD in plant growth lights?

Posted By HOPOO   |   25 Oct, 2023   |   102 views

PPFD is photosynthetic luminous flux density. Research on LED as supplementary lighting for plant 
photosynthesis. Traditional artificial light sources generate too much heat;

For example, by using LED supplementary lighting and hydroponic systems, air can be recycled, 
excess heat and moisture can be removed, and electrical energy can be efficiently converted into 
effective photosynthetic radiation and ultimately into plant matter.
Compared with fluorescent lamps, mixed-wavelength LED light sources can significantly promote the 
growth and development of spinach, radish and lettuce, and improve morphological indicators; they 
can bioaccumulate sugar beets, with the most significant accumulation of betalains in hairy roots, 
and produce sugar and starch in hairy roots. accumulation.
LEDs used in the field of plant cultivation also show the following characteristics: rich wavelength 
types, which exactly match the spectral range of plant photosynthesis and light morphology; the 
spectral wave width is narrow at half width, and can be combined as needed to obtain pure monochromatic 
light and composite spectrum;
It can concentrate light of specific wavelengths to uniformly illuminate crops, which can not only 
regulate crop flowering and fruiting, but also control plant height and plant nutrients;
Due to these remarkable characteristics, LEDs are very suitable for use in plant cultivation in 
controlled facility environments, such as plant tissue culture, facility horticulture and factory 
seedlings, and aerospace ecological life support systems.

The OHSP350P plant light analyzer produced by HOPOOCOLOR can very well help plant factories detect 
PPFD content and spectrum to aid analysis.


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