Plant lighting detection

Professional plant lamp Cob and testing equipment for plant lighting fixtures, mainly including on-site measurement instruments for plant lamps, plant light color electricity testing systems, plant photon flux density distribution testing systems, and light quantum sensors, provide a complete solution for the plant lighting industry.

Spectral and Photosynthetic Photon Flux Testing of Plant Lighting Fixtures

The HPCS6500P Spectroradiometer is used to measure the spectral power distribution (SPD) of plant lighting products. It can measure radiation flux, photosynthetic photon flux (PPF), photosynthetic photon efficiency (PPE), chlorophyll weighted radiation flux, and fast testing speed in conjunction with integrating spheres and other devices. Designed with reference to relevant domestic and international plant lighting standards such as DLC, ASABE, DIN, GB, CQC, and CSA, suitable for laboratory research.


The plant lighting Goniophotometer is a comprehensive testing system for plant lighting products designed specifically for the characteristics and lighting needs of plant lighting. Based on robot design, it can measure the light distribution of plant lighting products at different positions and directions in space, accurately obtaining important quantities such as PPFD distribution and total optical quantum flux at different distances, which is more in line with the practical application needs of plant lighting products.


Plant lamp on-site measuring instrument

OHSP350P Plant Light Analyzer is a portable professional measurement device designed specifically for precise measurement and analysis of plant light. It integrates high-end intelligent configurations and can complete measurement and analysis of spectral power distribution, spectral quantum distribution, photosynthetic photon flux density PPFD, photosynthetic irradiance, chlorophyll weighted irradiance, etc. with one click operation. The data is read in real-time and widely used in light analysis, monitoring, research, and communication in plant growth.




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  • GMS-1000 Glare measuring equipment

    The GMS-1000 glare measurement system adopts a high-precision imaging luminance meter. The high-precision measurement and analysis of the unified glare index UGR is realized through a precision electronically controlled pan-tilt and special measurement and control software.

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  • OHSP250UV UV Micro Spectrometer

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  • CXS-230 Image Luminance Colorimeter

    CXS series Image luminance colorimeter can meet the test requirements if various light-emitting devices in car, display, lighting and other industries, matching a user-friendly software. Built-in high precision matching XYZ filter that conforms to the CIE human eye visual function.

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  • OHSP350IRS 760nm-1100nm IR Spectrometer

    The spectrometer integrates spectrum and irradiance test functions. It is widely used in red light therapy,infrared night vision monitoring,infrared remote control transmitter tube ,Infrared laser etc.

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  • HPG2000 Vertical Version Goniophotometer

    HPG2000 is a Goniophotometer, a moving mirror Goniophotometer recommended by the International Commission on Illumination CIE70 document.

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  • HPCS300 Mini Spectrometer

    HPCS300 Spectral Illuminance Sensing Module ,adopt advanced technology, used in production line ,achievement On-line analysis of light and color parameters, USB interface to output test result, open USB communication, it can use by self-programme ,read spectrum data、CCT、Lux etc

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  • HP880D Compact Goniophotometer with darkroom

    HP880D Compact Goniophotometer with darkroom

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  • OHSP350UVS Spectrometer 180-400nm customized model

    OHSP350UVS customized model 180nm-400nm

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  • HP880 Compact Goniophotometer for Single LED test

    HP880 Compact Goniophotometer for Single LED test

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  • OHSP350UVS 200-450nm FAR UV Spectrometer

    UV spectral irradiance meter ,use a UV CCD and UV processing optical path.Used to measure relative the spectral power distribution ,  UVA  (315 nm -400 nm), UVB  (280 nm-315 nm),UVC  (230 nm-280 nm) of UV light source.It is widely used inUV light source, disinfection, sterilization, ligh

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  • HPCS-300P Mini PPFD Spectrometer

    HPCS-300P Mini PPFD Spectrometer,use with pc software.

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  • HPCS320 Lx Spectrometer

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