Agricultural Internet of Things


With the increase of global LED applied agricultural lighting penetration, LED plant lighting, as a new market, attracts a large number of international giants to invest and develop. In fact, the application of LED plant lights is of great significance, both from the perspective of promoting the development of modern agriculture and the realization of food safety and climate change.

In order to accelerate the harvest of crops, enterprises often need to develop the light source and lamps needed for plant growth according to the light formula, in order to effectively improve the utilization of light energy and harvest the fruits. In fact, there are three main factors affecting plant growth: light quantity (light intensity), light quality (spectral range), and photoperiod. As long as the light source ratio is perfect, it can provide the best growing environment for plants.

However, in addition to the above three factors, Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density(PPFD) is more important for plant growth control. What is PPFD? It means how many photons hit a defined area(400~700nm) in one second. Plant has various species and different categories which have different PPFD requirements. The light intensity has valuable effects on the plant due to the different wavelengths. Therefore, if you can use the spectrometer to intuitively understand the light source quality of the plant lamp and master the spectral changes of different bands, you can adjust the artificial light source in time and achieve remarkable results.

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  • OHSP350IR 380nm-1050nm IR Spectrometer

    The spectrometer integrates spectrum and irradiance test functions. It is widely used in red light therapy,infrared night vision monitoring,infrared remote control transmitter tube ,Infrared laser etc.

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  • HP880D Compact Goniophotometer with darkroom

    HP880D Compact Goniophotometer with darkroom

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  • Wireless Spectrometer HPCS330

    HPCS330 Wireless Spectral irradiance colorimeter, integrated spectrum, CCT, CRI, Lux, .etc parameters in one. With 3.5 inch touch screen, Real-time display of measurement parameters and curves ,use convenient and fast.

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  • CXS-230 Image Luminance Colorimeter

    CXS series Image luminance colorimeter can meet the test requirements if various light-emitting devices in car, display, lighting and other industries, matching a user-friendly software. Built-in high precision matching XYZ filter that conforms to the CIE human eye visual function.

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  • OHSP-350 Portable Spectral irradiance colorimeter

    OHSP-350 Spectral irradiance colorimeter, integrated spectrum, CCT, CRI, Lux, irradiation .etc parameters in one.

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  • CX-200 imaging luminance meter&Photometer

    Imaging Luminance meter is a comprehensive solution for thequality control of indoor and outdoor lighting products, illuminated symbols, automotive, aerospace and street luminance.

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  • OHSP350FA Flash Light Spectrometer

    OHSP350FA Flash Light Spectrometer, mainly for flash light test , such as Camera, monitor..

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  • OHSP350UVS Spectrometer 180-400nm customized model

    OHSP350UVS customized model 180nm-400nm

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  • OHSP350LFA PST SVM Flicker Spectrometer

    OHSP350LFA PST SVM Flicker Spectrometer

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  • OHSP660 Spectrum reflectance Tester Color L*a*b Tester

    OHSP-660 Spectral reflectance spectrometer ,integrated Spectrum、reflectance、L*A*B in one

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  • HP880 Compact Goniophotometer for Single LED test

    HP880 Compact Goniophotometer for Single LED test

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  • HPCS300 Mini Spectrometer

    HPCS300 Spectral Illuminance Sensing Module ,adopt advanced technology, used in production line ,achievement On-line analysis of light and color parameters, USB interface to output test result, open USB communication, it can use by self-programme ,read spectrum data、CCT、Lux etc

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