Photometirc, Colorimetric and Electric Test System

Photometirc, Colorimetric and Electric Test System

HPCS6500 high-precision Photometirc, Colorimetric and Electric Test System, the whole machine adopts aluminum alloy chassis, embedded high-speed processor, 10.1-inch color LCD Touch screen, convenient human-computer interaction. The system has built-in high-precision spectroradiometer, precision DC power supply, AC power supply, high-precision Digital power meter.and one machine is a traditional five-machine measuring system. It can be operated directly without a computer.

Fast scan spectroradiometer


The system can determine spectral power distribution, chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature, color rending index, color difference, peak wavelength, spectral half width, dominant wave length, color purity, luminous flux, test for photometry colorimetry electricity of LED characteristics.

1. Grating: high performance precision diffractive concave grating;

2. Detector: HAMAMATSU (Japan Hamamatsu) back-illuminated precision array CCD;

3. Test speed:10μs-10s;

4. Optical parameter:

        Range of wavelength: 380~780nm(expandable to UV 200nm or infrared 1100nm);

        Accuracy of wavelength: ±0.3nm;


        Stray Light:<0.1%

        Accuracy of chromaticity coordinates: ±0.0015(x, y);

        Chromaticity coordinate repeatability:±0.0002x,±0.0003y (constant temperature blue LED)

        A/D conversion: 16bit 1.25MHz AD;




Welcome to Hopoocolor, a global leader in lighting optical detection built on innovation, collaboration and engineering excellence. HopooWhy Hopoo haveWithHopoo successfully developed a series of multi-functional optical testing equipm …

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  • Goniophotometer

    According to the requirements of CIE, IESNA and national standards, we have achieved testing methods as B-(B、A-a and C-y through rotating lamps. It is used to test the spatial light intensity distribution as well as variety luminosity parameter of indoor spotlight, cast light lamp and street light.

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    The GMS-1000 glare measurement system adopts a high-precision imaging luminance meter. The high-precision measurement and analysis of the unified glare index UGR is realized through a precision electronically controlled pan-tilt and special measurement and control software.

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    OHSP-350P plant lighting analyzer , add plant grow light parameters PAR, PPFD, YPFD and so on.especially designed for accurat measurement and analysis of Plant Lighting . It is widely used in light analysis, research and communication in plant growth light.

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  • Wireless Spectrometer HPCS330

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  • OHSP-350 Portable Spectral irradiance colorimeter

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  • HPG2000 Vertical Version Goniophotometer

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  • HPCS300 Mini Spectrometer

    HPCS300 Spectral Illuminance Sensing Module ,adopt advanced technology, used in production line ,achievement On-line analysis of light and color parameters, USB interface to output test result, open USB communication, it can use by self-programme ,read spectrum data、CCT、Lux etc

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