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Hangzhou Hopoo Light&Color Technology Co.,Ltd.
Hangzhou Hopoo Light&Color Technology Co.,Ltd.

Welcome to Hopoocolor, a global leader in lighting optical detection built on innovation, collaboration and engineering excellence.

Established in September 2014, Hangzhou Hopoo Light and Color Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production, sales and service of lighting optical detection equipment, which is located in Huihe Neighborhood, the core block of the CED Circle around Zhejiang Province in the West City of Hangzhou.

Why Hopoo

Problem-solving and innovation are our commitments. Wehave a group of young scientists and technicians who have more than ten years’ experience in research and development of lighting optics.Withaccumulated considerable experience and technology,Hopoohas successfully developed a series of multi-functional optical testing equipment and obtained many patents. As such, several projects have passed the identification of Hangzhou High-tech Achievement Conversion Project, which has promoted the development of the company's industrialization. Through improving the ability of independent research and development,we continuously innovateour products,especiallyintelligent equipment and control system,which keep us in the forefront of the industry.

Ourmain products are: hand-held spectral illuminance analyzer, production line micro-spectrometer analyzer, LED fast photoelectric performance comprehensive testing equipment, LED lamp distribution curve (light intensity distribution) testing equipment, AC and DC precision testing power supply, digital electrical parameter measuring instrument, etc.

Our commitment

Hopoo is committed to providing customers with top notched products, instant and courteous sales service, and excellent technical support. We notice that what we have served to our customers ends up as part of solutions for our customers’ customers. Partnering with Hopoo ensures you the highest quality of products and we will work through any issues to resolution.




Welcome to Hopoocolor, a global leader in lighting optical detection built on innovation, collaboration and engineering excellence. HopooWhy Hopoo haveWithHopoo successfully developed a series of multi-functional optical testing equipm …

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  • CXS-230 Image Luminance Colorimeter

    CXS series Image luminance colorimeter can meet the test requirements if various light-emitting devices in car, display, lighting and other industries, matching a user-friendly software. Built-in high precision matching XYZ filter that conforms to the CIE human eye visual function.

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  • OHSP660 Spectrum reflectance Tester Color L*a*b Tester

    OHSP-660 Spectral reflectance spectrometer ,integrated Spectrum、reflectance、L*A*B in one

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  • OHSP350UVS 200-450nm FAR UV Spectrometer

    UV spectral irradiance meter ,use a UV CCD and UV processing optical path.Used to measure relative the spectral power distribution ,  UVA  (315 nm -400 nm), UVB  (280 nm-315 nm),UVC  (230 nm-280 nm) of UV light source.It is widely used inUV light source, disinfection, sterilization, ligh

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  • GMS-1000 Glare measuring equipment

    The GMS-1000 glare measurement system adopts a high-precision imaging luminance meter. The high-precision measurement and analysis of the unified glare index UGR is realized through a precision electronically controlled pan-tilt and special measurement and control software.

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  • HPCS6500UV Spectroradiometer

    HPCS6500UV Spectroradiometer test system is a multifunctional comprehensive test system which integrates photometric parameters, colorimetric parameters, electrical parameters, etc. The product adopts modular and integrated design, which makes the structure compact. With a 10.1-inch LCD screen

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  • Goniophotometer

    According to the requirements of CIE, IESNA and national standards, we have achieved testing methods as B-(B、A-a and C-y through rotating lamps. It is used to test the spatial light intensity distribution as well as variety luminosity parameter of indoor spotlight, cast light lamp and street light.

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  • OHSP350IR 380nm-1050nm IR Spectrometer

    The spectrometer integrates spectrum and irradiance test functions. It is widely used in red light therapy,infrared night vision monitoring,infrared remote control transmitter tube ,Infrared laser etc.

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  • HP880D Compact Goniophotometer with darkroom

    HP880D Compact Goniophotometer with darkroom

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  • HPCS300 Mini Spectrometer

    HPCS300 Spectral Illuminance Sensing Module ,adopt advanced technology, used in production line ,achievement On-line analysis of light and color parameters, USB interface to output test result, open USB communication, it can use by self-programme ,read spectrum data、CCT、Lux etc

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  • OHSP350UVS Spectrometer 180-400nm customized model

    OHSP350UVS customized model 180nm-400nm

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  • OHSP250UV UV Micro Spectrometer

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  • HPG2000 Vertical Version Goniophotometer

    HPG2000 is a Goniophotometer, a moving mirror Goniophotometer recommended by the International Commission on Illumination CIE70 document.

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