Management & Culture

Mission, Vision, Values, Guidelines
Mission, Vision, Values, Guidelines
Mission, Vision, Values, Guidelines
Company mission
We always insist on improving product quality and service through technological innovation. We strive to practice the belief of "creating value for customers, creating opportunities for employees, creating profits for shareholders and creating wealth for society", and strive unremittingly to create harmonious living space and realize great ideals.

Vision of beauty
We are committed to becoming a leader in optical measurement industry and a world-renowned brand.
We will continue to raise our horizon, look at the world, take the concept of global management as a guide, aim at leading international enterprises, constantly innovate, deepen reform, cultivate talents, and create a value chain of enterprises with global advantages.

Core values
People-oriented: everyone is a talented person; respect ability, provide opportunities; return and contribution match; lifelong learning, continuous improvement.
Rational Pursuit: Rather slow one step, two steps, not half step wrong; Pursue sustainable development; Solve problems in development.
Change and innovation: dare to self-denial, self-motivation; dare to try, continuous improvement; pursue excellence, unwilling to commonplace.
Authorized management: highly unified responsibilities and rights; full authorization, strict supervision; hierarchical decentralization, results-oriented.
Collaboration and sharing: mutual trust, initiative to assume responsibility; communication and cooperation, complementary coordination; value-oriented, benefit-sharing.

Operating criteria
Basic principles: centralization, orderly decentralization, orderly authorization and proper use of power.
Development concept: harmonious development, scientific development, effective development and coordinated development.
Decision-making principles: respect facts and data, follow the wise and not follow the crowd, democratic decision-making, authoritative management.
Mechanism building: target responsibility system, interest traction, rolling assessment, stimulating vitality; using mechanism to identify talents and develop talents.




Welcome to Hopoocolor, a global leader in lighting optical detection built on innovation, collaboration and engineering excellence. HopooWhy Hopoo haveWithHopoo successfully developed a series of multi-functional optical testing equipm …

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    OHSP-350P plant lighting analyzer , add plant grow light parameters PAR, PPFD, YPFD and so on.especially designed for accurat measurement and analysis of Plant Lighting . It is widely used in light analysis, research and communication in plant growth light.

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  • OHSP350IR 380nm-1050nm IR Spectrometer

    The spectrometer integrates spectrum and irradiance test functions. It is widely used in red light therapy,infrared night vision monitoring,infrared remote control transmitter tube ,Infrared laser etc.

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  • OHSP350IRS 760nm-1100nm IR Spectrometer

    The spectrometer integrates spectrum and irradiance test functions. It is widely used in red light therapy,infrared night vision monitoring,infrared remote control transmitter tube ,Infrared laser etc.

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  • HP880 Compact Goniophotometer for Single LED test

    HP880 Compact Goniophotometer for Single LED test

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  • HPG2000 Vertical Version Goniophotometer

    HPG2000 is a Goniophotometer, a moving mirror Goniophotometer recommended by the International Commission on Illumination CIE70 document.

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  • Goniophotometer

    According to the requirements of CIE, IESNA and national standards, we have achieved testing methods as B-(B、A-a and C-y through rotating lamps. It is used to test the spatial light intensity distribution as well as variety luminosity parameter of indoor spotlight, cast light lamp and street light. It can work either with double arm or single arm.

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  • HPCS6500P High precision Spectroradiometer (Grow Light Version)

    HPCS6500P high-precision Photometirc, Colorimetric and Electric Test System, the whole machine adopts aluminum alloy chassis, embedded high-speed processor, 10.1-inch color LCD Touch screen, convenient human-computer interaction.

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  • CXS-230 Image Luminance Colorimeter

    CXS series Image luminance colorimeter can meet the test requirements if various light-emitting devices in car, display, lighting and other industries, matching a user-friendly software. Built-in high precision matching XYZ filter that conforms to the CIE human eye visual function.

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  • OHSP250UV UV Micro Spectrometer

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  • OHSP350LFA PST SVM Flicker Spectrometer

    OHSP350LFA PST SVM Flicker Spectrometer

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  • HPCS-300P Mini PPFD Spectrometer

    HPCS-300P Mini PPFD Spectrometer,use with pc software.

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  • OHSP350FA Flash Light Spectrometer

    OHSP350FA Flash Light Spectrometer, mainly for flash light test , such as Camera, monitor..

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