UV Spectrometer for Sunlight Full Spectrum Test

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UV Spectrometer

OHSP350UV is applicable to the measurement of ultraviolet irradiance and other parameters of light sources . It is widely used in the measurement of ultraviolet sterilization, light curing, plant cultivation, sun xenon lamp aging and other fields.

UVA(uW/ cm2

UVB(uW/ cm2

UVC(uW/ cm2

Irradiance Ee (mW / cm2)

Eb (uW/ cm2)

Eg (uW/ cm2)

Er (uW/cm2)

Eir (uW/ cm2)



Irradiance(uW/ cm2)

Blackbody deviation Duv

Red ratio(%)

Green ratio(%)

Blue ratio(%)

Spectral Distribution




SDCM Color Tolerance

Peak wavelength(nm)

Half width(nm)

Dominant Wavelength(nm)

Center wavelength(nm)


CIE1931 X,Y,Z

Light to dark visual ratio(S/P)

Centroid wavelength(nm)

Chromaticity coordinates u,v

Chromaticity coordinates x,y

Chromaticity coordinates u'v'

CIE1931 Chromaticity diagram

CIE1960 Chromaticity diagram

CIE1976 Chromaticity diagram




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