Glare Test Standards and Measurement Techniques

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Research Background

With the wide application of LEDs in outdoor roads, indoor offices, sports venues, etc., the impact of glare caused by bright LEDs in on-site lighting environments is becoming more and more prominent. Make glare an important indicator for lighting environment and lamp quality evaluation. For example, EU EN13201 [1] stipulates the test method and evaluation index of road threshold increment TI, and CIE147-2002 [2] stipulates the size of light-emitting surface of lamps in indoor lighting environment. Or the glare evaluation index that should be used under the corresponding solid angle size (UGRsmall is used for the small light source model, GGR is used for the large light source model, and UGR is used for the size of ordinary lamps). Domestic standards such as GB50033-2013[3] stipulate that the uncomfortable glare of windows adopts DGI evaluation, GB50034-2013[4] uniformly adopts UGR to evaluate indoor glare, and CJJ45-2006[5] stipulates the evaluation methods and evaluation indicators of roads.

Although the research based on glare theory was basically perfect as early as the last century, due to the limitation of measurement technology, the early glare measurement was a very time-consuming and labor-intensive complex project. With the advent of spot photometers and imaging photometers, the field test of glare has gradually become possible. This article will discuss the problems existing in the current glare test from the standard of glare.

GMS-1000 UGR TI GR Tester

The GMS-1000 glare measurement system adopts a high-precision imaging luminance meter. It is good to test UGR ,TI,GR , used in Indoor and outdoor light pollution test.The high-precision measurement and analysis of the unified glare index UGR is realized through a precision electronically controlled pan/tilt and special measurement and control software. The measurement stability is good, the speed is fast, and the system is small in size and light in weight. . The system comes with a battery, no external power supply is required, and can be tested by connecting a USB cable to a computer.

1. Test glare based on imaging luminance meter
A high-precision imaging luminance meter is used to accurately measure the brightness of each point in the lighting scene, and calculate the glare index according to the theoretical formula.  
  2、 Multiple exposure technology, high sensitivity measurement, wide dynamic range
The brightness measurement is as low as 0.001cd/m2, and the multiple exposure technology is adopted to obtain high dynamic images (HDR), which can accurately measure indoor and outdoor environments .  
  3、 Low distortion and large field of view measurement
This system uses a precision pan-tilt to drive the multi-angle test of the imaging luminance meter, which eliminates the problem of high distortion when the fisheye lens measures a large field of view, and can achieve up to 2π full-space low-distortion luminance image measurement.  
  4、High resolution, high angle accuracy
Whether the acquired brightness image is close to the center of the field of view of the observation angle or the peripheral area, the high resolution and high angular accuracy are maintained, and the problem of low resolution around the fisheye lens is better avoided. 

 5、software function, meeting indoor and outdoor glare test requirements at the same time
It can realize the measurement of indoor and outdoor glare indicators such as TI, UGR, GR. 




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